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Ice Dam Relief

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Ice dams don’t just happen. Attics warm from air leaks, poor ventilation and inadequate insulation while the area over soffits and gutters stay cold. As rooftop snow melts, it refreezes along the eaves and can back up under shingles and cause costly water damage below. The real solution is to fix the attic and […]

Cozy Up To A Gas Fireplace

Monday, September 30th, 2013

The crisp snap of fall is in the air, and winter is just around the corner. As you look forward to cranking the heat and staying in, you may want to consider the classic charms of a fireplace. If that’s the case, you don’t have wait until next year to start warming yourself by the […]

Elevating ‘Basementy’ Lower Levels

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Outside of providing shelter from severe storms, basements seldom get the respect they deserve. Sure, natural light is more is limited, dampness may be a problem and heating ducts can cramp ceiling heights. But these challenges usually can be overcome to reclaim valuable bonus space. My basement remodeling philosophy is straightforward: First, address moisture issues. […]

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