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Spring Roof Inspection Will Catch Damages Caused by Winter Weather

by Hoffman Weber Construction, on February 07, 2011

Maybe it's a bit premature to be thinking of spring while we've still got several more weeks of winter, but with all of the snow and extreme cold many parts of the country have been experiencing it's good to keep in mind the affect winter weather can have on your roof.  Once the snow has receded it's important to check your property to make sure the harsh winter hasn't left any trouble behind.

The best time to inspect your roof is in the spring.  The freeze-thaw cycle that occurs during winter can cause damage as moisture seeps into cracks and crevices, freezes, and then expands, making the cracks larger.  A thorough spring roof inspection allows you to catch any potential problems early before more damage is done to your property.

Looking for Roof Damages

You can hire a roofing contractor to do the roof inspection, or you can do it yourself if you feel you can do so safely.  Roof damages to look for include:

  • Buckled, curled, or blistered shingles. This indicates that your roof is at the end of its life span, and you should consider roof replacement.
  • Excess granule loss. Ceramic granules are imbedded in the asphalt to protect the shingle from UV damage.  Snow, ice, and harsh cold can cause these granules to come loose, leaving the shingle vulnerable to further damage in the warmer months to come.
  • Loose roofing material. Check around chimneys, vents, skylights or any other elements that stick up from the roof for loose flashing or deteriorated rubber seals.  Also, check the flashing in the valleys where two roofing panels meet for water tightness.  These areas can be resealed using roofing cement.

Looking at Your Roof from a Different Perspective

It may also be beneficial to check the underside of your roof from the attic.  A leak will show itself via stains on the wood roof decking, wet insulation, or rust where nails have come through the decking.

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