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Gutter Accessories to Help your Home Handle Spring Showers

by Hoffman Weber Construction, on February 11, 2011

There has been a lot of wet weather across the US in recent years.  In general, for every inch of rainfall, a 1000 square foot roofing area processes approximately 600 gallons of runoff water.  There are many products on the market that can help your gutter system move this water away from your home more efficiently or that can allow you to put all that water to good use.

Gutter Downspout Extension Options to Keep Your Basement Dry

Protect your foundation by carrying water away from your home with these ideas for your gutter downspout extensions.

  • Splash Blocks – Splash blocks go under the opening of your downspout to disperse the water away from your home.  They come in many colors so you can match your home’s exterior or camouflage them in your grass or landscaping.
  • Flexible Downspout ExtensionsFlexible extenders can be bent to where you’d like to direct the water, allowing you to bypass spots that are prone to erosion.  You can stake the extension to the ground to prevent it from moving or even bury it for a more low profile look.
  • Automatic Downspout Extensions – Automatic downspout extensions are made of flexible material.  When it rains, the tube automatically rolls out with the increased water pressure.  Most of these products require you to roll them back up by hand to get them out of the way of your mower or foot traffic.  However, Rainguard makes an automatic extension product that automatically rolls back up onto a spool as the water flow decreases.

Rain Barrels Can Help Save Water and Money

When the summer months approach so do the lawn watering restrictions that many communities enforce in an effort to conserve water.  You can get around these restrictions, and maybe save a little on your water bill this summer, by installing a rain barrel to collect rain water.

Rain barrel systems are made up of 4 parts.

  • Downspout – The downspout is the part of your gutter system that deposits the water into the rain barrel.
  • Storage Tank – The barrel or cistern can be made from plastic, concrete, or wood.  Most range between 50 to 75 gallons.  Your storage tank should come complete with a lid to keep animals, children, and mosquitoes out.
  • Debris Screen – A wire mesh screen filters out leaves and pine needles before the water goes into the barrel to prevent the outflow from becoming clogged.
  • Distribution Device – A spigot at the bottom of the barrel will allow you to fill watering cans or to attach a hose to water plants.

Home and garden stores sell kits that include a barrel, leaf screen, and spout which can range in price from $50 to $250 depending on the size and material.  Check out the Rain Barrel Guide for more great information and installation tips.

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