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Minneapolis Tornado & Hail Damage

by Hoffman Weber Construction, on May 25, 2011

The Minneapolis area has been struck by some incredible storms in the past week. For many in the northern communities, the damage is beyond repair. Despite these significant losses in our communities, we are very fortunate to observe there was minimal loss of life and human injury considering the extreme weather in Minneapolis on May 22nd. Our highest hopes are with the survivors and families of those most affected.

For homeowners who experienced a moderate amount of damage, home restoration is a few steps away. On May 10th and 22nd, 1000s of structures experienced hail, wind and water damage to their exterior surfaces. For the individuals that own homes with moderate or minor damage, the fastest option to recovery is to assess the damage and file an insurance claim.

We're Here To Help

Hoffman Weber Construction has witnessed all of the best and worst in storm damage repair, insurance claims management, and the restoration of 1000's of homes with tornado, wind, water and hail damage. We handle the stress for you, and make your damage recovery a calm and stable process. We understand that natural disaster recovery is an emotional time for everyone involved.

Most damage restoration projects follow a common pattern.

  1. It starts with a no-pressure damage estimate.
  2. You, the homeowner, can then research Hoffman Weber Construction and the other roofing contractors who may also have solicited you for repair services.
  3. If we're chosen, we can assist you with your insurance claim, and represent you if you wish.
  4. An insurance adjuster will also provide an inspection, and we will work with them to ensure all damage is accounted for.
  5. When an agreement has been made, your restoration begins.
  6. Upon completion of the work, your project manager will review all work to ensure it meets our strict standards. At this time, any remaining funds held by the insurance company will be released to you.
  7. Your project manager will arrange a time to close the project, only after ensuring you are completely satisfied with all the work.

What You Can Do

  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after experiencing severe weather.  Make sure to get a claim number.
  • Take pictures of all damage.
  • Keep receipts for any expenses incurred for temporary repairs (tarps, etc) or for hotel expenses if you are unable to live in your home.  Your insurance company will request these when it comes time for reimbersment.
  • The Insurance Federation of Minnesota may be a good resource should you run into any problems with your claim.
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