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Get Religion on Climate Change with Hoffman Weber Construction

by Hoffman Weber Construction, on June 18, 2015

It’s time for people to ‘get religion’ about climate change and act to reduce carbon emissions that scientists say are causing the earth to warm and sea levels to rise, leading to severe weather events and natural disasters.

The "Ecological Crisis" We Can't Afford to Ignore

Pope Francis declared in his historic Laudato Si' (“Praise Be To You”) Encyclical today that reducing man-made climate change is a moral and ethical imperative.

For the world’s more than 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, the call to be good stewards of creation has pierced through political lines and bridged the divide in personal opinion towards climate change. Earlier this month, hundreds of rabbis inspired by the anticipated encyclical signed a rabbinical letter that reached the same conclusion.

Pope Francis presents the message of Laudato Si not only to the Catholic community, but to "every person living on this planet."

Care for Our Common Home & Our Own Home

As a leading storm repair specialist and general contractor, Hoffman Weber Construction knows firsthand the property damage and human toll that tornadoes, hail, high winds and flooding have caused. We also have the tools and expertise to help homeowners and businesses conserve energy, protect their property and reduce their impact on global warming.

Hoffman Weber uses thermal imaging and blower door tests to identify insulation and sealing gaps that waste energy and compromise comfort.

Laudato Si‘ Earth - Time to Control Climate

Effective Feb. 14, 2015, a new Residential Energy Code (for MN) requires new homes to pass blower door tests that certify no more than 3 air exchanges per hour from leaks when pressurized by a special fan installed in an exterior doorway. But thermography and blower testing can be even more valuable in older homes built before today’s tight construction standards.

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"Being good stewards of the earth starts at home,” said Hoffman Weber President Joe Hoffman.   That includes...

sealing air and HVAC duct leaks
increasing attic insulation
insulating pipes
installing energy-efficient doors and windows
using low VOC finishes
choosing durable products that will last


Contact Hoffman Weber today for a Zero-Pressure consultation and to learn how you can ‘get religion’ on climate change right at home.


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