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Energy Audits


Home Health and Energy Assessment

Save Up To 30% Off Your Energy Bill

Take the first step in improving your home's energy efficiency with a professional home energy & health assessment. Our BPI certified staff will pinpoint where your home is losing energy and how you can save money. You'll also resolve any health and safety issues if they exist in your home.

Primary Assessment Benefits:

  • Pinpoint Energy Waste
  • Improve Home Safety
  • Increase Comfort & Value

Home Performance Tools

We offer a range of testing and analytics tools to measure home performance.


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Shocking Statistic claims the average home has enough air leakage to add up to a two-foot-square hole. That's like leaving a medium size window wide open 24 hours a day!

HHEA Results Reporting

Standard Report

Our certified auditor will provide you with a comprehensive report on the condition of your home's health and efficiency based on the inspections & testing results. Your report also shows which energy efficiency upgrades are best and your potential energy savings.

REM/Design™ Report

The auditor will discuss the results of your audit and provide you with an official report. We can use REM/Design™ software to analyze the energy and economic performance of how your home was designed to perform vs. how it is actually performing, giving you a cost per component breakdown.

In addition to calculating energy performance, REM/Design™ determines compliance with ASHRAE 90.2, and the International Energy Conservation Code for both the prescriptive and performance compliance paths.