Home Health and Energy Assessment

Save Up To 30% Off Your Energy Bill

Take the first step in improving your home's energy efficiency with a professional home energy & health assessment. Our BPI certified staff will pinpoint where your home is losing energy and how you can save money. You'll also resolve any health and safety issues if they exist in your home.

Primary Assessment Benefits:

  • Pinpoint Energy Waste
  • Improve Home Safety
  • Increase Comfort & Value

Home Performance Tools

We offer a range of testing and analytics tools to measure home performance.

Blower Door Testing

Measure For Air Leakage

We use a special fan to depressurize your home and locate air leaks. Blower door tests allow you to measure the effectiveness of any work performed to improve efficiency.

Thermographic Inspection

Spot Heat Variation

We can detect abnormally hot electrical connections or components. We also check the effectiveness of your roof protection and insulation.

Appliance Efficiency Audit

Evaluate Your Appliances For Waste

Measure the efficiency of appliances, check electrical systems and conduct combustion appliance zone testing.

Health and Safety Inspection

Check Your House's Vitals

Test smoke & carbon monoxide detectors. Asses your indoor air quality and identify lead paint problems. Inspect windows & doors and check for excess condensation.

Flow Hood Testing

Checks Your Air-Flow Systems

This test will calculate the volume of air that is being pushed out of your kitchen hood or bathroom vent to determine if there is proper ventilation of moist air.