Locations & Services Provided

Our national presence is split into 4 regional offices, Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska, and Missouri, each providing a full suite of exterior remodeling and repair services from the Midwest to the Southwest. Our Minnesota and Nebraska offices also provide interior home remodeling services to area residents.

Office Locations Map

As a leading contractor in storm repair services, we've established support offices across the U.S. specializing in residential & commercial storm damage relief. We are currently only accepting new projects in the following regional locations.


Minneapolis, Minnesota | Regional Office and Headquarters

Our headquarters is located in beautiful Minneapolis, MN and provides remodeling & storm repair services for the greater Twin Cities area and parts of western Wisconsin.

 Minnesota Office

Denver, Colorado | Regional Office

Our Denver office is located at the foothills of the Rockies in Centennial, CO and provides remodeling & storm repair services for greater Denver, Castle Rock, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.

 Colorado Office

Omaha, Nebraska | Regional Office

Our Omaha office is located in southwest Omaha, NE and provides remodeling & storm repair services for greater Omaha, Papillion, Lincoln and parts of western Iowa.

 Nebraska Office

Saint Joseph, Missouri | Regional Office

Our newest regional office is located in Saint Joseph, MO and provides remodeling & storm repair services for Saint Joseph and surrounding counties.

 Missouri Office


Restoration Communities

Over the years Hoffman Weber Construction has provided restoration work to areas throughout the Midwest, and it maintains many customers, business affiliates and community partners in the following cities. Please advise, at this time, Hoffman Weber is not taking on new projects in these markets:

Cheyenne, WY
Chicago, IL
Edmond, OK
Phoenix, AZ
Madison, WI
Mitchell, SD
New Orleans, LA
Salt Lake City, UT
Wichita, KS