Siding Replacement, Installation & Repairs

We’re fully licensed and insured, and more than ready to install or repair your siding. In fact, Hoffman Weber has been replacing siding for over 20 years with with locally staffed offices across the U.S. Throughout the process, we will work hard for your unconditional approval.


Find the Siding That’s Right for You

We've partnered with premium brands to provide you with the best siding products available and to ensure optimal installation. Choose from a variety of siding options and pre-finished looks to fit your style, all with low maintenance and renowned durability.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding - Preferred Remodeler

James Hardie fiber cement siding contractor


LP SmartSide Engineered Wood Siding - Gold Level BuildSmart Remodeler

LP Smartside wood siding contractor


Mastic Vinyl Siding - Elite Contractor

Mastic vinyl siding contractor


EDCO Steel Siding - Exclusive Contractor

Edco steel siding contractor


We Are Hail Damage Experts

Hail can cause cracks and dents in most popular types of siding. This can lead to conditions like rot and premature aging.

Contact us for a storm damage consultation, and we can tell you if your siding needs repair. We have years of experience in working with insurance companies on behalf of our customers, and our established process helps ensure you get the most out of your claim.


Siding the Hoffman Weber Way

Here's what you can expect when you hire Hoffman Weber to replace your siding:

Your New Siding Materials Arrive

The day that your project begins the siding project you have chosen will be dropped off at your home. A dumpster will also be dropped off to collect old siding materials as they are removed.

We Protect Your Property and Then Remove Your Old Siding

We'll carefully lay out tarps and build temporary protective structures over fragile plants, flower beds, and other sensitive areas before our workers begin removing the old siding. We'll also protect your driveway from any potential damage from our dumpsters and trucks.

We Inspect Your Wall Sheathing

Once all the old siding is torn off, we will carefully inspect your wall sheathing for signs of rot or improper installation. We will make repairs or replace the wall sheathing as necessary before continuing.

We Install The Vapor Barrier

After making sure the wall sheathing is up to our standards, we will install the vapor barrier to block moisture from entering your home.

Your New Siding Is Installed

We then install the soffit and fascia pieces, siding panels, and trim. During this process we use top-quality sealants for maximum weatherproofing and durability.

We Clean Up Your Property

Once all work is completed on your home’s exterior, the final cleanup begins. We do a thorough visual inspection for debris and perform magnetic sweeps to pick up stray nails.

Your Project Manager Does a Final Inspection

After your project has been completed, your HWC Project Manager will carefully inspect the entire project from the starter to the top row, to ensure it meets our strict standards.