Deck Construction

Hoffman Weber Construction is committed to building you the highest quality deck at an affordable price. Our decks are custom-built to the highest standards. Our goal is to create a beautiful yard for you, whether we follow your direction or draft an original design.

Hoffman Weber offers deck solutions that provide our customers with resilient, enjoyable, and structurally sound custom decks. A well-thought-out deck should feel like a natural extension of your home, adding value and functionality.

We Do Decks Right

We combine colors and textures of materials along with specific designs for the look and feel you desire. Our designs also maximize space so people can move around freely, as well as allow plenty of room for any specific functions you’d plan for it, such as grilling. We come up with lighting and shade solutions to further extend the usability of your deck.

Not only are our decks designed well, they’re also built well, using state-of-the-art techniques and premium materials for maximum durability. We use low-maintenance composites and hidden fasteners for a deck that’s easy to care for, and looks great.

You can trust that your deck will exceed local building codes, and will integrate naturally with your existing home.

Deck Construction The Hoffman Weber Way

Meet with Us for A Zero-pressure Estimate

One of our experts will meet with you to go over what you want in a deck. You can view samples of deck boards and railings to help make the decision easier. We'll also take measurements at this time. Within a few days, our designers render your deck using the latest software. We'll send you these 3D models of your deck, and a quote you can trust.

Schedule Your Deck Construction

After you've reviewed the images and quote, call us if you want to move forward with the project. We require a deposit only when we apply for a permit or order materials. If you belong to a Homeowners Association, you should contact them at this point to see if your deck requires approval.

We Make a Detailed Drawing of Your Property

One of our staff will arrive at your home to take the layout and measurements of your property. The resulting plan will show locations of all lot lines, buildings, driveways, sidewalks, and anything else that requires noting before construction is underway.

We Apply for Permits and Order Materials

We will then apply for all the required permits. The approval process can take anywhere from days to week, depending on where you live. At this time we'll also start ordering materials.

Your Yard Will Be Marked for Underground Cables

We'll notify your utility company to mark your lawn for sewer, gas, or electric lines buried on your property. If you have a well or private septic system on your property, or if you have installed any underground electric, water or gas lines, these will not be marked -- please let us know.

The Deck Materials Arrive at Your House

On the first day of construction, we'll bring the materials we need. You can meet the entire crew, and together we'll go over if there are any private utility lines, sprinkler systems, or drainage pipes buried in the area where the deck will be, you can show them to us before we start digging.

We Carefully Construct Your Deck

If you have an old deck, we'll remove that first. Then we'll dig the holes for the footers, install footers, set posts and beams, and floor joists. After framing the deck, we'll work on the floor. The rails, steps, and trim will complete construction.

We Send An Invoice and a Care Letter

As construction wraps up, we'll send you a final invoice for your new deck. We'll also send you documentation with detailed instructions on how to properly care for the materials of your deck. And of course, our crew will be happy to answer any questions you may have on-site.

We Provide Ongoing Support

Please feel free to contact us at any point with questions or concerns. Your deck materials have built-in warranties, and we personally guarantee our work. It's important to us that you and your family get the maximum enjoyment out of your new deck.

Get a Zero-Pressure Estimate

Contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our deck experts.