The Hoffman Weber Home Show

The myTalk Home Show is no longer airing live, but our fans can enjoy these popular episodes.

mytalk home show


home show episode 04-02-2017Smart Projects Before the Sale

Mimi from the Red Hot Real Estate Show joins Mike to discuss smart home renovations to prioritize when you want to sell your house.


home show episode 01-22-2017Everything About Windows

Get the honest scoop on home windows, including which types are available and when you really need to replace your windows.

home show episode 03-19-2017Ten Ways to Increase Home Value

Mike and Holly break down ten guaranteed ways to make your home worth more.


home show episode 01-29-2017Insulating Your Attic

How energy efficient is your home? Learn how you should insulate your attic and other energy savings tips.

home show episode 02-12-2017Affordable Options for Design

Philip Hyde and Twila talk all about budgeting and affordable options for design ideas.


home show episode 02-19-2017The Big Thaw

The warm weather brings on everyone's great ideas. Hear what to think about with defrosting, ice dams, and more.