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Class A Fire Rated Siding For Your Colorado Home

by Hoffman Weber Construction, on April 12, 2023

Can you protect your home from wildfires? The short answer is maybe. It needs to be said, there is no such thing as fireproof. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider Class A fire-rated siding for your home’s exterior, especially in Colorado. 

According to a recent article in The Colorado Sun, there are an average of 5,600+ wildfires a year in Colorado. That’s a scary number. As drought conditions, high winds, and urban development continue to increase, so does the risk of wildfires in urban areas. The wildland urban interface, that uninhabited area between urban development and wildlands, was previously deemed low risk, but that changed after a catastrophic fire in late 2021 that swept through suburban Boulder County, destroying nearly 1,000 homes and forcing tens of thousands to evacuate.

As a result, there is new interest in products and materials that can provide a layer of protection to your home. From siding to roofing, and everything in between, there are Class A fire-rated materials for every area of your home.

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A Layer of Fire Protection

One way to protect your home is by installing Class A fire-rated siding on its exterior. Different materials are rated according to their susceptibility to flame spread and smoke development in three classes – A, B, C, or not rated at all – with A being the best. This means a flame spread index of 0-25.

Paying attention to these classes when deciding on what materials to use in your project can give you peace of mind in our changing world. Common siding materials such as wood, wood composite, and vinyl are rated class B, C, or not rated at all, while products like fiber cement, steel, and stucco offer greater fire protection because of their fire rating.


The Fire Rating Matters

If wildfires are top of mind, Class A fire-rated materials provide the best level of fire protection. When it comes to remodeling, fiber cement, and steel are two great options to consider. James Hardie® fiber cement siding, with a flame spread rating of 0, will not contribute to the spread of a fire and can withstand heat for an extended period. Similarly, all steel siding is considered non-combustible, including EDCO Steel Siding, Quality Edge Steel Siding, and Bellara™ Steel Siding.

While nothing can truly provide protection from a catastrophic fire event, class, A fire-rated materials mitigate risk and serve as a first line of defense while protecting a home against minor grass fires.


Your Colorado Exterior Remodeler

Whether it’s time for an exterior remodel or you simply want to explore what fire-rated products might be best for your home, contact Hoffman Weber at (866) 970-1133 to learn more. When it comes to your home, nothing is more important than protecting what's inside!

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