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Hoffman Weber Taps Beechworth Fiberglass Windows

by Hoffman Weber Construction, on November 29, 2017

Hoffman Weber Construction installs windows made from fiberglass, wood, and vinyl. East care vinyl windows are entirely vinyl construction inside and out, but the interior can resemble the color and grain of natural wood.

Premium wood windows typically are aluminum clad on the exterior and stained or painted on the inside. Fiberglass is the latest (and some say greatest) window material. These products are constructed of fiberglass on the exterior and wood on the interior.

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James Hardie subsidiary Beechworth Windows supplies the fiberglass windows that Hoffman Weber installs in our replacement and remodeling projects. Beechworth’s Jeremy Spolorich talked about his company’s products at the Summer Home Products Show at the TPC Clubhouse in Blaine. Hoffman Weber Construction, the Kris Lindahl Team at Re/Max Results and the Sunday morning myTALK 107.1 Home Show sponsored the event.

Jeremy told attendees that Beechworth’s fiberglass line resists moisture, rot and insects like vinyl, but it is comparable to wood in resisting expansion and contraction with changing temperatures. Stability in extreme climates is important because it reduces seal failures and stress cracks that can occur if the insulated window glass and the frame shrink and swell at different rates. Fiberglass is made from glass fibers and resin so it most closely mirrors the characteristics of the glass.

Beechworth windows are fiberglass on the outside and pine inside. They come in six standard colors and two special colors in red and green. Because of its dimensional stability and moisture resistance, fiberglass is an excellent surface for repainting if someone wants to change the color in the future.

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