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Stop Throwing Away Money with Old Windows

by Hoffman Weber Construction, on January 03, 2012

Do you feel cold drafts coming from your windows all winter long? On average, 30 percent of your home’s energy is lost through energy-deficient windows and doors. During the life of your home, you may literally be losing hundreds or  even thousands of dollars from heat loss  through your windows. Thankfully, homeowners can reduce their energy costs and save money by installing energy-efficient windows.

Window Drafts and Installation Problems Are Often The Cause

Damaged WindowHomeowners can identify poorly installed or drafty windows with a simple test. Light an incense stick or match and hold it up near the window. If you can see any type of breeze or movement in the smoke from the stick, it is likely your window is either drafty, poorly installed or both.



Common causes for drafts are:

  • Gaps in caulking
  • Damaged or rotting wood
  • Improper window insulation

These are other telltale signs that your windows may need to be replaced.

Older single-pane windows only provide a thin layer of protection from the elements. For those in colder climates, it is not only chilly but more expensive for heating costs. Many homeowners are beginning to choose double-paned windows for their long-term benefits. Not only do they save money, they reduce outdoor noise pollution and are better for the environment.

Get Long-Term Savings with New Windows Installed Professionally

There are two important elements to consider during your window project. One is the window itself, and two is the window installer. Don’t let the budget window companies and promotional gimmicks fool you. Budget windows are often not energy-efficient and pose other risks such as inadequate locking mechanisms.

Hoffman Weber Construction only installs high-quality, energy-efficient windows for your home. Other window companies may also use loose, fiberglass insulation which does not provide a complete seal. All window cavities installed by Hoffman Weber Construction are spray foam insulated so there are no heat leaks.

Our teams of experienced, trusted and knowledgeable installers are right for your home. With so many window options available, our staff can make recommendations based on your budget and the needs of the home. We’ll also install specific windows of your choosing.

For your next window project, contact Hoffman Weber Construction and see for yourself the difference we provide. Your wallet will thank you.



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