HWC Celebrates Fridley 49er Days

Fridley 49ers Day - Hoffman Weber ConstructionOn a beautiful, sun-drenched summer night, Hoffman Weber Construction participated in the Fridley 49er Days celebration parade on June 21. The 49er Days festival has been a summertime tradition in the Fridley community for many decades, and includes 4 days of recreational, entertainment and sporting events. More than 20 Hoffman Weber Construction team members and their families passed out candy to parade onlookers while they rode through the Fridley streets in Hoffman Weber Construction vehicles.

Many Hoffman Weber Construction staff members were born and raised in Fridley, including the company’s founder Joe Hoffman. Joe also participated in the celebration with his family. Hoffman Weber Construction is deeply rooted in the communities in which they work and live. Whether it is donating to local charities or volunteering in walks or rides, the company has a commitment to making communities better.

Fridley 49er Days Photo


Fridley 49er Days Photo


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