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Satisfaction – Get Some Here

by Hoffman Weber Construction, on August 21, 2013

At Hoffman Weber Construction, everyone takes customer satisfaction to heart. In fact, we not only want our clients to be pleased on the day we finish their projects - we guarantee our workmanship in writing for two years to maintain that positive glow.

A lot goes into creating happy customers. For starters, we charge a fair price for quality work and products. But building true satisfaction into every remodeling and storm repair job takes a lot more than that.

Building Satisfaction Into Every Job

customers And Quality Assurance

Sound Advice

We love well informed clients who have done their homework because they appreciate the little things that go into a great project. But regardless of their construction knowledge, every customer can count on Hoffman Weber to offer solid product and design advice and abide by all applicable building codes.  Call it Peace of Mind Protection.


Hoffman Weber understands that every customer’s time and privacy are precious.  We schedule jobs to progress efficiently without gaps to minimize disruption. For a big remodeling project, that means ensuring that all materials are on hand when needed and that subcontractors are sequenced properly.  Meanwhile, project managers provide a clear and accessible point of contact throughout the process and take personal responsibility for getting it right.

Promises Kept

While a quality remodeling or storm repair can make a dramatic difference in a home or business, we try to keep project drama low by minimizing surprises.  Hoffman Weber puts every promise in writing so expectations are clear and we are accountable for outcomes. And if something’s not right, it will be resolved. Promise.

Using Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be a good indicator of customer satisfaction. Hoffman Weber is proud of our scores:

Customers And Quality Assurance 2

The best recommendations are from trusted friends who understand design and construction, have high standards and who have completed building projects that closely resemble your own. When considering online reviews from strangers, look for the number of reviews, overall impressions and details that matter most to you.

GuildQuality contacts actual clients each year and provides individual scores for specific construction-related questions. Google has a single “quality” scale and enables people to post freeform comments. It usually takes only a few minutes to submit a review after Googling “Hoffman Weber Construction.” While anyone can submit a review to Angie’s list, only paid members’ reviews are considered in scoring and results are only visible to fellow members.

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