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Hoffman Weber taps matchmaker Lab for fair, fast siding claims

by Mike Kennedy, on November 27, 2013

Suppose hail or high winds damage a portion of your roof or siding. Do you know if insurance would cover replacement of undamaged surfaces if needed so everything matches? Or would it merely pay to patch the damaged portion with the closest product? Actually, the answer depends on where you live and the language in your specific policy.

Vinyl Siding

State statutes or legal precedent based on State Supreme Court or Appellate Court rulings may require matching to make your property whole. Or your policy may state in plain English that adjacent areas must match. Then again, you may be out of luck. To know for sure, ask your independent insurance agent very specific questions and get the clause or law that is the basis for the interpretation before you have a claim. And when you do have a loss, call Hoffman Weber.

Matching is one of the most contentious and controversial issues in storm damage claims. Let’s say your home’s vinyl siding is 20 years old and the color, texture or profile are no longer available or the existing siding is so faded that identical new product will look like two different colors. If your policy or state doesn’t protect you, you may be able to pay a slightly higher premium for the peace of mind.

ITEL is the ultimate matchmaker

Hoffman Weber helps its customers get fair settlements and works hard to achieve the best possible matches. It will send a small siding sample to an independent company called ITEL that maintains an extensive database and lab. ITEL will issue a report that analyzes the sample, identifies the best possible match and locates the nearest supplier. It also can find matches for roofing, flooring, tile and stone.

Itel kit

“When negotiating with an insurance adjuster it really helps to have our own professional third party report. If ITEL said there is no match, insurance companies accept that,” said Hoffman Weber’s Jake Hazen. Hazen recalled a recent siding claim. The insurance company wanted to replace just a portion of the siding and paint the old surfaces to match. Hoffman Weber argued for a complete replacement and won because painting the siding would have undermined its low-maintenance benefits.

Our clients count on us to have superior product knowledge and to document damage so they are in the strongest position when filing a claim. With ITEL’s help, we deliver,” Hazen said.

While simply restoring storm damaged surfaces is good, many Hoffman Weber customers seize the opportunity to make things even better than before. If the insurance company is going to pay for standard quality materials, the homeowners can kick in a little of their own money and upgrade to better products that will perform and look better than what they had. Pretty soon, they forget the trauma of the storm and focus on the fact that, with Hoffman Weber’s support, their home never looked better.

Check with your insurance agent today to make sure you understand what’s covered. And when you need a matchmaker, contact Hoffman Weber.

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